Smalti and Orsoni Gold from the 60s

Litovi: what is it?

Created by a mosaicist for mosaicists, litovi increases the mosaicists' possibilities by offering an interesting and relevant alternative to the traditional materials. Its purpose is to answer both the clients' demands (aesthetics, hard-wearing, and easy-maintenance) and the requirements of professional and experienced amateur mosaicists (aesthetics, easy-of-use and ready-supply).

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Currently, litovi is available in a first colour scale called Simplis, composed of 78 colours, each colour having, in average, 12 shades from whiter to more intense.

As you know, it is difficult to choose a colour with a non-calibrated screen. We suggest that you purchase

  • the tesserae sampler-board which contains all the colours in their deeper shade.
  • a photographic colour chart of the colours you are interested in, with all the shades of a colour on the sheet (see example below). If you wish to order one or several colour charts, please contact us by e-mail.

Tesserae sampler: 80,00 € tax includedAdd to the cart

One sheet of the photographic colour chart: 1,20 € tax includedAdd to cart