Smalti and Orsoni Gold from the 60s

How to choose?

Take good care when choosing your hammer because you are probably going to keep it as long as you practice mosaic art.

Two criteria have to be taken into consideration:
  • the material: all-steel or enriched with a tungsten carbide tip in order to cut hard materials such as litovi or glass more efficiently
  • the weight: when starting out with mosaic, people have a tendency to choose light hammers for fear of fatigue and tendonitis. However, the lighter the hammer, the more difficult it is to master the cutting technique.

Advice from a professional :
to prevent tendonitis, drink a lot of water when you are cutting and play with the elasticity of the materials so that the cutting is the result of the bouncing back of the hammer rather than the strength of the arm.
To get a better understanding of the cutting process, watch the demonstration video.

Sharpening your hammer
When you feel the cutting tip is becoming blunt (check by scratching with your nail), sharpen the steel tips of your hammer with a water bench grinder (with an aluminium oxide grinding wheel). For tungsten carbide tips, use the green sharpening stone (green silicone carbide grinding wheel)with an 80-grit wheel (the lower the grit number, the rougher the finish).
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